About Me

Kristin Faith Evans, MA, MS, LMSW

My Professional Passions

Hi! I’m Kristin. I’m a Christian author, a mental health therapist, and a mother of two children with rare genetic disorders and complex needs. I love walking with others on their journey to deeper faith and emotional wholeness. I have a special place in my heart for empowering other moms and female caregivers of children with special needs or disabilities. As a Licensed Masters Social Worker and with my MA in Christian Education, I have served in church, camping, and retreat ministries and am experienced in Christian counseling, couples and family therapy, substance abuse treatment, and crisis counseling. So, you can see how my passions collide!

My Writing

I was just announced as a winner of the Triumph from Tragedy short story contest by Denise George and Christian Writers for Life! My story, The Rare Gift, will be published in the anthology in October of this year!

I’m a regular guest blogger for Different Dream Living and have articles on the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and Key Ministry blogs. I’m published in The Joyful Life Magazine, Alive Now, and The Upper Room. I recently won the Goldie 2nd Place Poetry Award and am an active member of Word Weavers, Intl.

My Books

I’m currently running the long race to publication with my first two books. In my first book, I retell my extraordinary journey of embracing my life as a special needs mom. I share my real story of how I spiraled into an extreme depression and dark crisis of faith. Finding the courage to seek help, I’ve worked hard in therapy and relationships. Rising up out of hopelessness, I’ve fully recovered from my mental health symptoms, healed my marriage, and deepened my faith.

My husband, Todd, and I are also writing a book for married couples parenting children with special needs and disabilities. We’re very excited about this upcoming book! I have many more books in me just waiting to burst onto paper. I’m typing as fast as I can! I hope that my books will empower you in the near future.

More About Me

I live with my husband, Todd, and my two children in the Nashville, TN area. When I’m not enjoying life with my family, writing, or working with clients, you can find me training for triathlons, reading, or simply being out in nature.